Yours Truly, Jack Frost AUDITIONS

Saturday, October 21st, 10am to 12pm at the Krevsky Center

513 Hurlock Street, Harrisburg, PA 17110


Yours Truly, Jack Frost
A Holiday Youth Production with a 2nd Act Sing-A-Long!


Theatre Harrisburg invites members of our community in the 3rd – 7th Grades to audition for this special holiday show, performed December 14-17, 2017.

Additionally – those students in 8th – 12th grade are welcome to apply for the following volunteer production roles: assistant director, assistant stage manager, props master, assistant house manager, assistant technical director, assistant costumer, show crew. For these positions, please send resume to:

what to bring

To prepare for your audition: Select a holiday song you know very well to sing for the production team a capella (without accompaniment). Or, you may sing “Happy Birthday” or “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.

about the show

Jack Frost, who decorates windowpanes during the Christmas season, has his office atop the Smiles Department Store. He runs things in an old-fashioned way. He doesn’t even know what a credit card is! Enter Evilina of the Muggleworth Advertising Agency. Evilina attempts to force Jack into signing over his frost formula. She wants to forget about Christmas. When her original plot fails, Evilina steals the formula!
Act 2 features a holiday sing-a-long with the youth performers leading the audience in songs of the season. We’ll throw snow, wear antlers, and maybe even call upon a certain jolly man in red to join us! Songs will be assigned by the music director.


Miss Jingle – Jack Frost’s secretary
Joan Joan – chemist
Mr. Smiles – owns department store
Frostbite – Jack’s loyal dog
Jack Frost – a friend of winter
Maybelle Birdsong – new worker
Mrs. Claus – of the North Pole
Esther Oyster – reporter
Parsnip – Evilina’s flunky
Goodykoontz – another
Evilina Muggleworth – business tycoon
Ensemble of Evilina flunkies

rehearsal schedule

If selected, there is no fee to participate! However, actors must be able to attend every rehearsal: Saturdays from November 4th – December 9th (skipping November 25th, Thanksgiving Weekend) 9am–12pm each session.


Saturday, November 11th, 12noon to 3pm at the Krevsky Center

513 Hurlock Street, Harrisburg, PA 17110

Call backs: 7pm, Tuesday, November 14th

Rehearsals will be as follows:  To start, we will avoid Monday, Friday and Saturday evenings. Tues., Wed., and Thurs. evenings and Sundays (either afternoon or evening as cast availability permits) will be likely. We will add Monday evenings starting the second week in December. An occasional odd time may occur as we work to avoid conflicts while keeping the show “active” during the holidays. As a general rule, rehearsals will average four times weekly, moving to five times as we near production time.


Winner of the 2009 Tony Award for Best Play, God of Carnage relates an evening in the lives of two couples, residents of a Brooklyn neighborhood, who meet to discuss a playground fight between their children. The four of them agree to discuss the incident civilly, but, as the night wears on and drinks are imbibed, the polite veneer breaks down.


Alan Raleigh (Lead): Male, 40-55  Very successful and high-powered attorney who seems to be preoccupied with his work; thinks he is the smartest person in the room and just might be; has a ‘Master of the Universe’ outlook.  Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Annette Raleigh (Lead): Female, 40-55  Alan’s wife who works in wealth management; anxious to please and always looking to do the right thing, but clearly not a pushover.  Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Michael Novak (Lead): Male, 40-55  Owner of a wholesale company that sells household goods; comes across as pretty laid back and open-minded, but something seems to be simmering beneath the surface.  Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Veronica Novak (Lead): Female, 40-55  Writer and part-time employee at an art history bookstore; the catalyst for bringing the two couples together; articulate and serious-minded, she comes across as no-nonsense, but has a deep sensitivity for making the world a better place.  Ethnicity: All Ethnicities